English Shepherd Dog
$ 4.99
Garden Magnetic Puzzle
$ 19.99

Farmyard Animals

$ 64.99
SKU: TL8483

Farmyard Animals is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

1 of each piece in a display shelf. (English Shepherd Dog, Goose, Sheep, Rooster, Highland Cow, Chicks, Alpaca, Chicken, Mouse, Cow, Pig, Donkey, Tractor)

Age range: 3 Years And Older
Product size: 14.25 x 2.95 x 10.43”
Weight: 2.79 lbs

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We understand our responsibilities to our planet and only use sustainable and recyclable wood to make our enchanting toys. We are committed to a program to protect our natural resources and replant 100% of the trees we use – and the wood we love!

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