A recipe for fun: wooden play food

A recipe for fun: wooden play food

A recipe for fun: wooden play food

Let’s have some pizza!

One slice for you, and you, and you - and one for me.

That makes four. But there are six slices? What should we do with the spares?

In that moment your child is presented with some big questions. What is fair? How do we divide when there is a remainder? How do we negotiate?

I’ll have an extra slice and you can have a doughball.

No, that’s not fair. A slice is worth more than a doughball…

OK, you can have two, and I’ll let you be the chef.

We’re exploring number, volume, division, fairness and reciprocity.

Wooden play food seems simple but the whole of life can be contained in a single meal.

So which food is best? What’s the right recipe for preschool fun? Let’s take a look at some of the most suitable toys, grouped by the kind of play they foster.

Role Play

In role play, children learn to become. They imagine themselves in adult roles, imitating everyday activities that they have observed.

Role play is a crucial component of early childhood development, helping children to make sense of the world around them. And food-related play is often how it is done.

  • Chopping Board Sets: Be chef for a day with a chopping board and choppable toy food. Whether it’s tropical fruit, cheese, or vegetables, the diners in your restaurant are sure to be delighted. Preparing a meal forces you to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. What would they like to eat? How would they like it to be presented? It demands a lot of empathy.
  • Wicker Shopping Basket: So much of shopping is about making choices and conversation. Hello Mr. Shopkeeper, how are you? How much is the salami? I’d like two kilos of flour, please.
  • Ice Cream Sets: There’s so much interesting language and math involved when you go into an ice cream shop and place an order.
  • Tea Set (Tray) and Afternoon Tea Stand: Cultivate your child's social skills by hosting a pretend tea party. Our tea set and afternoon tea stand are perfect for practicing good manners and engaging in polite conversation.

Transporting Schema

The transporting schema is a stage of development where children enjoy moving objects from one place to another. Our wooden play food sets can help fulfill this need while promoting problem-solving skills and spatial awareness.

  • Baskets: With our charcuterie, bread, seafood, veggie, and fruit baskets, your child will delight in transporting their pretend groceries from the store to their play kitchen or restaurant.
  • Birthday Cake and Pizza: Our birthday cake and pizza sets can be easily carried from one location to another, allowing your child to practice their transporting schema and share their culinary creations with friends and family.


Wooden play food sets are the perfect catalyst for your child's creativity. They can mix and match items to create unique dishes or invent new recipes, fostering a love for cooking and an understanding of different food combinations.

  • Fish and Chips: Let your little one create their version of this classic British dish, adding a personal touch to their playtime experience.
  • Ice Cream Cones: With our ice cream cone set, your child can experiment with various flavor combinations, inventing their unique ice cream creations.

Sharing and early maths

Wooden play food sets also provide an excellent opportunity for your child to practice their social skills and learn the importance of sharing. As they host pretend dinner parties or run a bustling cafe, they'll learn to work together with friends and siblings, taking turns and sharing their toys.

  • Birthday Cake: Celebrate a pretend birthday with our wooden birthday cake set, complete with candles and serving utensils. This toy offers a great chance for your child to practice sharing and cooperative play as they divvy up the cake and sing "Happy Birthday" with their friends.
  • Pizza: Our pizza party set is perfect for teaching your little one about sharing and teamwork. As they prepare and serve slices of delicious pretend pizza, they'll learn the importance of working together and taking turns.

Cognitive Development

As your child engages with wooden play food sets, they'll naturally develop essential cognitive skills, such as counting, sorting, and categorizing. These toys can also help improve their memory and concentration as they remember orders, ingredients, and recipes.

  • Supermarket Grocery Set: Our supermarket grocery set will encourage your child to sort and categorize items, learning about different food groups and their nutritional value.
  • Tea Set (Tray) and Afternoon Tea Stand: As your child serves tea and snacks, they'll practice counting cups, saucers, and treats, building their early numeracy skills.

Final word

Wooden play food sets are more than just a fun addition to your child's toy collection. They provide a wealth of developmental benefits, supporting role play, language and dialogue, the transporting schema, creativity, social skills, and cognitive development. With our extensive range of wooden play food items, your little one is sure to find the perfect recipe for fun and learning. Browse our e-commerce store today and let your child's culinary adventure begin!