Create a Crazy Animal!

Create a Crazy Animal!

Create a Crazy Animal!

Here’s a great activity to play with all with the family! All you need is a piece of paper and a pencil to pass round. It’s a drawing game and suitable for children from the age of 4, although little kids may want to play as part of a team with an older child or adult. You will need at least 2 players and no more than 4.


You will need:

A piece of paper and pencils or pens


How to play:

All players sit in a circle or around a table then start with a pen and a piece of paper which is folded it across into quarters. Flatten it out again and each player privately draws a head of some kind in the first quarter, leaving a little bit of neck sticking down into the next quarter.

Players fold over this first quarter so the drawing is covered but the neck is left showing.

The pieces of paper are all passed on to the next player who then adds a torso and arms in the second quarter and then draws the tops of the legs down into the next quarter. Fold the paper so the rest of the drawing is hidden.

Pass the pieces of paper on again and this time legs are drawn in. Fold and pass it on again and finish with the feet in the last quarter.

Fold the whole thing up one last time and pass it along and then each player can unfold one to discover the most amazing and crazy creatures!


If you’ve enjoyed this game, your younger children will love the Tender Leaf Twisting Cubes toy! Children can match up the animal bodies to create new creatures or try to match the images to the correct animals. This simple toy will keep your toddler entertained whilst aiding manual dexterity and matching skills. Presented in a pretty open box. Check it out here.

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