Scoops and Smiles!

Scoops and Smiles!

Scoops and Smiles!

There's nothing better than ice cream and you don’t have to wait until the summer to have one with our new Scoops and Smiles Ice cream toy! With 5 delicious, and very friendly plastic-free ice cream cornets, this gender-neutral play set is perfect for playing with friends, and for little ones developing new language skills.

Each of the ice creams can be matched up to their color and name at the bottom of the stand, giving this toy a fun, matching game play aspect as well as looking beautiful in the nursery! See it in action here.

You can make your own 2D version of our Scoops and Smiles here today with our fun, free print. Download it here.

Featuring our ice creams, Choccy Ted and Minty Mandy plus there’s space for you to create some new ones too. Just print out the page, then stick onto some card and carefully cut around the edge of each cone.

We also made a cone holder for our ice creams by cutting 2-3 cm slits onto an upside down, empty tissue box! You could also paint the box too or choose one that already has a pretty pattern on it. We’d love to see your ice cream inventions so please share with the #tenderleaftoys hashtag!

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