Spring time flowers!

Spring time flowers!

Spring time flowers!

We love seeing all the new flowers appearing this time of year, so to celebrate this and all things spring we have this fun, free activity. It features illustrations from My Botanical Press, our brand new flower press toy out next month.

Print out our spring time activity here. This activity also doubles up as template to make the beautiful daffodil too you can see below. Here’s how:

You will need:
Egg Carton
Yellow Paint
Yellow bead
Yellow pipe cleaner
Green card

1. Use our daffodil from our coloring in print out as a template to draw around on the flat part of the egg carton as shown in our photos. Then cut it out.

2. Next cut out one of the middle points from the egg carton and cut into Petal shapes as shown.

3. Paint both pieces yellow and allow to dry.

4. Next carefully make a small hole through the centre of both ‘petals’ with a cocktail stick or pin. Then thread the pipe cleaner through both petals to join together, tying the yellow bead onto the end which is closest to the centre of the inside petal.

5. Finally cut the green card into a stem-like strip and attach the flower onto the stem using the pipe cleaner. Or use a green straw as a stem to thread the pipe cleaner into. Ta da! You have a beautiful daffodil to give a friend or to pop in a vase to admire in your home!

My Botanical Press is available next month and is based on a traditional wooden flower press with paper sheets and metal screws at each corner to tightly press the pages together. Fill your paper pages with flowers and leaves and press them to create delicate flat dried and preserved flowers, ready to use in any art and craft activity. Keep your eyes peeled on our instagram for sneak peeks at all new toys coming out this year!