The wonders of Open Ended Play

The wonders of Open Ended Play

The wonders of Open Ended Play

"It is a happy talent to know how to play" - Ralph Waldo Emmerson

We are taking learning through play to a new dimension with our wonderful open-ended play collection! Letting a child explore play without instruction is a gratifying way to challenge them to use their imagination and play without boundaries.

This year we launched the fabulous My Forest Floor as well as 3 landscaping toys that can be used in a multitude of settings and play scenarios. The Green Hills, Mountain Stack and the Blue Water can be played with our large collection of wood animals but they can also be turned upside down and turned into tunnels or ramps!

Open-ended toys are an amazing way for little ones to develop new skills. With open-ended toys, there is no right or wrong answer, no end goal and no instruction. Children can therefore learn to be more creative and so grow in confidence.

There are loads of interesting articles based on research and reports, and child psychologists will forever lean on the teachings of Montessori to inform their observations on childhood behavior and development.

Check out this informative article on the merits of open-ended play versus close-ended play.

We have also made a short video extolling the virtues of our landscape collection!