Why we are so eco friendly

Why we are so eco friendly

Why we are so eco friendly


...because we use Rubber wood for all our wooden toys!

Rubber wood, also known as Para wood or Hevea brasiliensis has been planted extensively in Indonesia for more than one hundred years in plantations across Sumatra, and Java...If the growth of the timber business has led to rapid deforestation, then the growth of the rubber tree plantations as a sustainable industry for the Indonesians may well redress the balance.

The production of latex becomes uneconomical once the trees have reached the grand age of about 25 years and traditionally were felled and burned, but under an Indonesian legal wood incentive, we take that timber, and turn it into beautiful toys.

For every tree that is cut down another is planted in its place so ensuring a continuous supply.

Rubber wood is homogeneous with a pale light cream color with a good straight grain, making it really suitable to accepting the water soluble colors that we have developed with our supplier.

We are very proud of our eco-friendly credentials and are always striving to find ways to use more sustainably sourced materials in our supply chain!

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