Press Release

10. 1. 2020

Tender Leaf Toys celebrate the beauty of natural wood with a stylish new range of nature-inspired colors

 Tender Leaf Toys, a wonderful relatively new wooden toys and gifts brand, has launched its gorgeous 2020 catalog of stylish designs in fresh, Scandi shades that let the beauty of natural wood shine through.

Duck-egg blue, dove grey and old rose are typical of the palette that designer Danielle Hanson uses for the Tender Leaf range of mini kitchens and dolls houses. The subtle colors make it easy to add to and combine different play sets.

Tender Leaf only uses high-grade reclaimed wood for its toys. Fresh color schemes and designs that leave wood clear-varnished add to the natural feel and look of the toys. “It is important to show the quality of the wood and the smooth finish of the toys,” says Hanson. “Tender Leaf really values the natural resources that go into its products.”

Tender Leaf’s wooden toys are beautiful on the outside and sustainable on the in-side. Wood used in Tender Leaf Toys is sourced by its Indonesian supplier, which only works with reclaimed wood. It doubles up on its commitment to help reforest Indonesia by replanting a tree for every reclaimed tree it uses. In addition, their UK distributors are a Seed Partner with international organisation Eden Reforestation Projects, through which it plants 10 trees for every order placed.

Celebrating the grain and color of wood comes naturally to Tender Leaf Toys, now more than ever with its subtle, Scandinavia inspired colors and stylish designs. Discover its new color schemes in the latest catalog, which features beautifully detailed play sets that are as lovely to look at as they are engaging to play with.