DIY Spring Flowers for Easter

DIY Spring Flowers for Easter

DIY Spring Flowers for Easter

Easter's around the corner, and we've got a lovely, spring project to pretty up your table this spring. All your need are some everyday objects like egg cartons and paper straws to get started! It’s super easy and fun to do as a family too.

Materials Needed:

1. Egg cartons
2. Toilet roll tubes
3. Pastel-colored paints
4. Air Dry Clay or play dough
5. Scissors
6. Glue or tape
7. Paper straws (green ones make perfect stems or paint them green like we did!)


1. Cut each carton section into a flower shape.

2. Paint each egg carton section and toilet roll tubes with a selection of different pastel colours.

3. Shape Your Flowers then make a small hole in the centre of each one for the straw to push through to create a steam.

4. Attach with glue and a bead or piece of card to create the centre of the flower.

5. Fill each toilet roll tube with your air dry clay or play dough. This will be your soil!

6. Gently push each stem into the soil

7. Once your flowers are finished, arrange them around your table ready to wow family and friends this Easter.

And there you have it – your DIY spring flowers are ready to make your Easter table look extra special! It's like creating a mini spring garden right on your table! You could even sprinkle some pretend grass for extra magic. We’ve made ours even more fun by adding some of our favorite wooden toys from our Merrywood collection and some woodland animals too! Who will you add to yours?!