Pretend Play starts earlier than you think!

Pretend Play starts earlier than you think!

Pretend Play starts earlier than you think!

Did you know that children as young as 12 months start pretend playing? We’ve all seen babies holding a phone copying their parents, haven’t we?

In June this year @Romperdotcom published an article called "When Do Toddlers Start Playing Pretend?” where they chatted to some experts to find out more...

"Play is what children do. It is an essential part of learning," Lee Scott, early childhood education expert, tells Romper.

"As children play, they learn to collaborate, communicate, test out ideas, build vocabulary, create, solve problems, and do much more.”

Pretend play can help children learn how to socialize and begin to understand their emotions. And this is something you can help your children with by joining in with them but letting them lead the way.

Dr Michael Mintz, clinical psychologist at Children’s National Hospital explains more: "I try to encourage parents to be passive participants when they play with their toddlers," Mintz says. "Instead of dictating what type of play you and your toddler will engage in, try to follow your toddler’s lead and expand on their simple pretend play. Try to avoid asking questions (which tend to direct toddlers or distract them from their plan) and see where their play takes them.”

Read the full article here.

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